Patents, Publications & Conferences

A Novel Approach to Generate Distractors for Multiple Choice Questions

Accepted: Expert Systems with Applications, Elsevier Journal
A. P. Kumar, A. Nayak, M. Shenoy, Chaitanya S, S. Goyal

The motivation for this paper is to generate MCQ questions and distractors automatically from text in technical domains, specifically STEM field and evaluate them for cognitive difficulty levels.

An Autonomous Mobile Robot based Tele-Presence System with Augmentation: A Pilot Trial of Virtual Museum Tour

Submitted: Robot Avatars Workshop, International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2023
Rushali M., Poornima J. D., Srijan D., Shashank G., Sridatta C., Bharadwaj A.

We propose a novel robot-agnostic communication and control middleware to operate telepresence robots.

Non-Prehensile Modes of Object Manipulation: a Comprehensive Review

Control Instrumentation System Conference 2022 - Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Springer

Our presentation talks about the manipulation of objects in 3-Dimensional space using human or industrial anthropomorphic arm(s) in Prehensile and Non-Prehensile mode. We present a comprehensive review of the various forms of Non-Prehensile mode of Object Transportation presented in available forms of literature.

ASHA: A Tele-operated Robot Nurse

International Conference on Social Robotics 2021, Singapore [Virtual]
Robot Design Track: Innovation in Responses to COVID-19 Runner-Up

Our presentation talks about the increasing technical capabilities of robots and the importance of designing and building such robots with social aspects of life in consideration. We present Asha, a teleoperated humanoid robot capable of assisting healthcare providers in a post-pandemic world, demonstrating a use case as an attendant.

Non-Prehensile Object Transportation and Point Stabilization using Dual Arm Mobile Robot

Patent Application: In Preparation

Mathematical Modeling of Under-actuated Dual Arm robot based Ball and Plate System using Non-prehensile mode of actuation

In Submission Process: International Journal of Information Technology
S. Goyal, M. K. Menon, V. I. George, D. J. Noronha, A. Bhongade

Non-Prehensile based Point-Stabilization of Ball and Plate System using Under-actuated Dual Arm robot

In Submission Process: Journal of Control, Automation and Electrical Systems
S. Goyal, M. K. Menon, V. I. George, D. J. Noronha, A. Bhongade

Research Experience

AI and Robotics Technology Park

Robotics R&D Engineer

August 2021 - March 2023
  • One of the lead developers for the Tele-Operation Software stack implemented on the famous Sophia Robot. Primary contributions include implementing the Hand Tracking pipeline for controlling anthropomorphic arms to allow dexterous manipulation along with sensory perception capabilities with respect to Binaural Audio and Phoneme Segmentation for Robot Speech.
  • A Generic plug-n-play Tele-operation software stack has been developed that can be used to manipulate industrial arms and other robots such as Kuka's LBR iiwa, Yaskawa Motomini, etc. with and without VR immersiveness.
  • Currently, implementing these features along with autonomous navigation and smart interaction engine on an in-house manufactured robot named ARTBot. The interaction engine includes a facial tracker and recognition system that enables robots to engage in eye contact during a conversation. Heading the conception of a Walk-n-Talk feature to improve the quality of conversations.

Samsung Semiconductor India Research

Senior Engineer
July 2021 - August 2021
Student Trainee
February 2021 - June 2021

  • Conceptualized and Engineered an Automated Assessment Simulation environment for Bad Pixel Correction in Bayer-pattern, Tetra-cell, and Nona-cell based Image Sensors.
  • Modeled and Programmed an Auto-Center Crop Optimization feature for the Crop and Pad Module in the Image Processing Pipeline resulting in significant improvement in the sensor efficiency.
  • Designed and Developed an Image Sensor Watermarking tool that enables developers to imprint sensor names on the image sensor plane.


Head of Programming Department

May 2019 - May 2020
Robotics Software Engineer
October 2017 - May 2019
  • Led the direction and execution of design, modeling, and implementation phases for the Autonomous Tetris Playing Robot in World Robotics Olympiad 2018.
  • Researched and Analyzed Legged Robot Motion for Bipedal and Quadrupedal Robots and implemented software controls on ROS Simulations and Real-Life Models.
  • Worked on Sensor Fusion, Actuator Control, InverseKinematics, Holonomic Drive, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning based tasks as a robotic software engineer.
  • Designed and Tested Open-Source General Purpose Libraries and user-guides for Navigation and Sensor Fusion.

Work Experience

The Chillspace

Project Manager

February 2020 - December 2020
Led and managed a team of 15 junior software developers to design and develop a Customer Relations Web Portal using Flask Framework. Oversaw the Life Cycle Stages of the project from scratch till deployment.

Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Student Intern

July 2019
Designed Automated Testing API for Angular Based Application using Selenium and Jenkins to implement effective fault tolerance mechanisms.

S.O. Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Student Intern

June 2019
Built a Hand Gesture Recognition and Prediction Model using TensorFlow and Computer Vision. The purpose of the project was to develop a gesture-­based control pipeline for media and document applications.

Samsung SDS

Student Intern

June 2018 - July 2018
  • Web Application Security: Performed Analysis on Websites hosted on the Company's Intranet for Vulnerabilities using BurpSuite, Acunetix, and other tools.
  • Created “AutoMate”: An Automatic Firewall Monitoring System used to efficiently Log and Report Security Incidents.


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